Construction of a warehouse in Bekoko / Douala

State of affairs ...

the land was bought in October
the land was cleared
the architect (a Swiss woman living in Yaoundé) was commissioned to do the planning
the plans were drawn up by the architect and are available to us
quotations have been obtained from construction companies and craftsmen
a wall is currently being built around the property

We are in the process of moving forward with the construction of a warehouse in the immediate vicinity of the Hope & Life health centre. Again and again we had problems to store medical equipment safely, so that the planning of a warehouse was discussed for years in the association and with the partner associations. This year we decided to finally implement the plan.

We bought a plot of land and commissioned a Swiss architect who lives in Yaoundé to do the planning. We have the plans.

Financially, we are supported by many partners whose equipment we have carried over the past years.  WMF Barmherzigkeit is again supporting us in particular. Hope & Life and KamerunGo support us in planning and implementation. Above the camp, we are planning seminar rooms to be able to conduct further training. We are also planning some guest rooms so that seminar participants can spend the night there.A workshop for the repair of surgical instruments and medical equipment is also planned. The aim is to employ a Cameroonian medical technician who can maintain the medical equipment we bring into the country.

The warehouse will be owned by the Cameroonian association Hope & Life Cameroun.

In the early years of our Bon Secours work in Cameroon, we had to organise every action/project from a distance. There were communication difficulties, resulting in delays and a lack of trust on both sides. It was classic development aid: the Europeans send something to Africa.

With Hope & Life we have now found a reliable African partner.

  •         Hope & Life organises the unloading of the containers and the distribution of the equipment on site;

  •         Training is organised and carried out by the staff;

  •         Hope & Life has taken over communication between the partners in Europe and Cameroon and promotes cooperation between the partners in Cameroon;

  •         Hope & Life has taken over communication between the partners in Europe and Cameroon and promotes cooperation between the partners in Cameroon;

By handing over the warehouse to Hope & Life, the Cameroonian partners completely take over the handling of logistics, the organisation of training and the repair of medical equipment. A sustainable development: we pass on our know-how and the local colleagues take over.

Our warehouse: an exciting project with a lot of potential, about which we will report more next year.

"There are limits to our impact and funding possibilities, but: we can support sustainable development with our work."

Help us build this warehouse. It will be more than just a warehouse.

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Odoo – Beispiel 1 für drei Spalten
blue: Medical Center / red: Property Warehouse
Odoo – Beispiel 2 für drei Spalten
Access road to the warehouse: a truck with container has space for delivery
Odoo – Beispiel 3 für drei Spalten 1000 m² in No. 3 (the green area)

Computerdarstellung des neuen Warehouses.