Together we are strong!

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The Medical Network Cameroon project was launched on the initiative of Georg Schorn (Chairman Bon Secours) in 2017 in order to make the aid work more efficient with the help of other associations. In February 2017, a group travelled to Cameroon to evaluate existing projects and get to know new partners.
This group consisted of staff/members of the associations

Bon Secours e.V.
Humanitäre Hilfe Landsberg e.V.
WMF - Barmherzigkeit e.V.

Eight hospitals in Yaoundé and western Cameroon were visited and evaluated.

Following this trip, Medical Network Cameroon was founded.

The new network pools forces and links the operations of the participating organisations, and it networks the hospitals on the Cameroon side. Communicative, effective.

Detailed information can be found on the website of the Medical Network Cameroon (MNC).