Building expertise and qualification of medical staff   

With well-trained and motivated staff, the situation in hospitals can be improved - for the benefit of the patients.  

We see education, training and further education as a central and fundamental task to ensure sustainable development. 

Together with the hospital management, including the head of nursing, we provide Cameroonian staff with technical and didactic training so that they can train the staff themselves.

Qualification of skilled workers

in the following medical fields:

Care, hygiene




Sterilisation, instrumentation



Medical technology




The situation in Cameroon:

In Cameroon hospitals, inadequate training and lack of availability of professionals are widespread, especially in rural areas.

The inadequate care increases health risks for patients. The population loses confidence in the local hospital. Those who can afford it accept higher transport costs to travel to other facilities, often far away. Local hospitals, easily accessible to all, are no longer profitable and can no longer pay suitable staff - a vicious circle.

In many hospitals, activities and tasks are taken over by staff without the appropriate qualifications. Due to irregular payment and also corruption, staff motivation is often very low. The dedicated professionals who want to perform go to the cities or emigrate abroad. Only a few doctors - like Dr. Essomba - come back. 

Further training in the field of hygiene

KamerunGo, Hope & Life and the doctor Georgette Ekanga have designed a hygiene training for medical staff. The experts conducting the training are all very well trained. Most of them have studied abroad and returned to Cameroon. They have also participated in various training courses and conferences in the USA, Israel or Europe and know the standards in other countries as well as the challenges and problems in their own country. We will support the project.

Aim of the further training: at the end of their training, the participants should be able to conduct training courses themselves in the various departments of a hospital:

  • Infection prevention

  • Information and training of nursing/service and patient staff

  • Assessment of hygiene (activities) in the individual departments

  • Hospital hygiene monitoring

  • Reporting of hospital hygiene incidents

We will inform you regularly about the training courses at NEWS

Support us. We see education, training and further education as a central and fundamental task to ensure sustainable development.

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