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When we founded the assocoation in 2010 in Meckenheim (close to Bonn) it was our first and main target, to reconstruct and reopen the CLINIQUE DU BON SECOURS  in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon. 

Bon Secours is fully based on volunteering. We have approximately 60 members/supporters. Mainly we use our contacts in Germany to organise donations in-kind for hospitals in Cameroon and we collect monetary donations for indigent patients in Cameroon who are in need of medical treatments.

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Since 2017 we have been co-operating in a newly established organisation, together with three more European associations and ten hospitals in Cameroon: the  Medical Network Cameroon .

Main task of the new network is the improvement and the sustainable development for the involved partner hospitals and their patients. Our expectations are big when we look at this network and at our oartners. Together we can achieve much more!

Bon Secours is responsible (within the network) for donations in-kind, transports, skill enhancement trainings and communication and organisation.