As non-profit association we treat our monetary donations in a most responsible way. 

We provide and guarantee transparency and full external control for all our projects. 


We treat donations with maximum care and with discernment - and we keep track of each cent we spend. Our campaigns as well as our accounts are transparent - discussed and decided in advance, being followed up in each step during transports or trainings, finalized in debriefings.

We only have nonpaid supporters who are so kind to spend their spare time and energy for Bon Seccours, for free. We do not rent any office. We spend the major part of our donations into our actual projects. Some donations (if they are earmarked funds, e.g. for civil war victims from the anglophone part) go directly 100% into special projects. 

Still a (very small) part is being used for marketing, qualitiy management, controlling, campaings (flyers). Most of these costs can be covered from our membership fees. 


All payments and financial transactions and plans are put on the table during the general meetings. The executive committee has to be formally approved by the members, including the annual financial statements for the running year as well as the budget plan for the subsequent year. All projects, plans and costs are presented to and have be approved by the members.

All projects are being evaluated on a regular basis. During the evaluation processes we realize and state if the pre-defined targets can/could be reached. Besides also economic feasibility, efficiency and sustainability of the projects are analysed.


In case we can deliver additional information to you about transparancy and controlliing, please get in touch with us:

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