Equipment Support 

Improvement of the quality of the medical care

A main focus of the Bon Secours work: provision, transport and distribution of medical equipment and medical consumables.
We evaluate on location in Cameroon: what are the local conditions, what are the specific needs? We discuss the requirements with our partners in Cameroon, and try to find solutions, together with medics, specialised personnel and technicians. In this way we agree with the involved hospitals what we can do.
We collect materials in Germany and Switzerland and transport them via container to Cameroon. (Update April 2019: 12 containers delivered)

What is the situation in Cameroon? 

Many standards as we are used to them in Central Europe cannot be achieved. E.g. the power supply is instable. There are rapid voltage fluctuations which affect and damage many medical tools (except they are protected).

As long as basic elements like permanant power and water supply cannot be guaranteed, the technical equipment has to be adjusted accordingly.

What is needed?
Pragmatic ideas, talent for spontaneity, and sklled professionals who can deal with situations in the African hosptals.

Support us with your skills and with your donations in kind!

We are searching for donations in kind at any time !

We deliver to Cameroon what is actually needed and what was required by our partners.

Please contact us if you can contribute an donation in kind!

We will get in touch with you

Pick-up service

Our team will pick up your donations in kind

Prepare transport

Since summer 20018 we are happy to own a new warehouse. Now we have some space to store donations in kind until they are delivered to Cameroon, and we can check and wrap the equipment.

We are happy to be perfectly supported by two great partners for the container transports:
WMF - Barmherzigkeit e.V. and Humanitarian Logistics Organisation e.V.