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Der gemeinnützige Verein Bon Secours Kamerun e.V. is a non-profit organisation, active in Cameroon since 2010. Together with Dr. René Essomba we founded this organisation, following our main target, at that time, to reconstruct and to reopen a deserted hospital in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon. Besides this, in the meantime, we built up a medical network consisting of ten hospitals.

Health care in Cameroon provides quite some challenges:  

A lot of Cameroonians do not have access to an operational health care system: shortage in medical staff and doctors, insufficient infrstructure, sparce medicine, deficient or missing equipment in the health centers and hospitals. Many health centers do not have the needed basic technical tools or a minimum standard for hygiene. They often neither have sufficiently trained and skilled personnel. So the results can, despite big efforts, often be wrong diagnoses, incorrect or improvised treatments and insufficient aftercare. The minimum standards to run a hospital properly can often not be granted.

The improvement of the healthcare situation is a big challlenge and at the same time the key to open the door for the next steps in the development of the country. Our association continues to support these steps.

Latest news (December 2018):

We support refugee kids and their families.

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In-Kind donations

Bon Secours collects in-kind donations in Germany, from local hospitals and doctors. We transport and deliver these donations as neeeded to our partner hospitals in Cameroon.  more

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Medical trainings

We organise European professionals for trainings dealing with after-care, anesthetics, hygiene, sterilisation, obstetrics.  more

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Support of indigent patients

We back several projects in support of indigent patients. Here we provide information about the 2018/2019 campaigns. more

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