Build-up of now-how and programmes of training for medical personnel  

Only skilled, trained and motivated personnel can improve the situaton in the hospitals- for the sake of the patients.

On-the-job trainings and advanced trainings are the basics for a sustainable developent.

Together with the hospital management and the head of home care and nursing services we train Cameroonian medical crew, technically as well as dicactically- with the target that the crew can (after the Europeans have left) can continue the trainings self-contained.  

Qualification of medical personnel

by Bon Secours professionals with these topics:

Care, Hygiene




Sterilisation, Medical Tools



Medical Engineering




What is the situation in Cameroon?

Besides a lot of engagement and a big sense of improvisation, a lack of medical crew as well as special education are common in Cameroonian hospitals, especially in the countryside. Risks for patients are high. So many patients lose their trust in the local hospital. Whoever can afford will try to travel to a well-known, far-away hospital. Local clinics are often no more profitable and cannot pay their employees any more. A vicious cycle.
In many hospitals the crew has to take over tasks which should be done by better skilled personnel (which is not available). Unsteady salaries and corruption do not support the motivation of the employees.
Medical crew who want to find a future perspective often leave the countryside and move to the bigger cities. Some manage to move abroad. Only some of them - like Dr. Essomba - return to their home country Cameroon. 

We need French-speaking medical crew. 

Develop together with us trainings within your special skills area - and join us to train the local crew in Cameroon hospitals.